Navy Admiral Toby Mug Stein


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Navy Admiral Toby Mug Stein
The Navy Admiral has a Bi-Corn Black Hat, White Ruffled Collar, Green Jacket, Large Red Sash Around His Waist and Brown Pants. He is Holding a Cane and a Sword. This Reproduction Toby Mug Stein was Made in Japan in the 1960s and was Imported to the US by AA Importing. The Ink Stamp Mark, Made to Resemble Many English Pottery Marks, is the Mark of the Unknown Japanese Potter that Made Them. The Blue Ink Mark is a Staffordshire Knot over a Crown over a Shield Flanked by a Lion and a Griffin. The Lift Mechanism is Made From Pewter.
The Size is 10 Inches Tall by 4.75 Inches in Wide by 6 Inches Deep Lip to Handle. Thank You, We Are Grateful For Your Interest!