New Silver Leather Spring-o-lator 4 Inch High Heel Shoes Mule Shoe


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New Silver Leather Spring-o-lator High Heel Shoes 4 Inch Mule Shoe
NEW Classic Silver Leather Spring-o-Lators NEW Vintage Inspired, Genuine Leather, Retro Women Shoes, Swing Shoes, New 50s, 60s, 70s Style Shoes, Swing Dancing Shoes. The Height of the Heel is 4 Inches. For Those of You That Are Too Young to Know What a Spring-o-lator Shoe Is, Be Prepared to Be Amazed. These shoes are Made for a Regular or Narrow Foot and will Not work for a Wide Foot.
They are a Mule Style Shoe with an Extra Piece of Leather & Elastic that is Designed to Keep the Shoe on Your Foot, Without Scrunching Up Your Toes.
Spring-o-lator shoes are a fascinating piece of fashion history! Let me take you on a journey back to the 1950s and 1960s when these alluring and sexy shoes made their mark.
1. What Are Spring-o-lators?
o Spring-o-lators were a brand of mules designed with a unique feature: an elastic strip in the sole.
o This elastic band ran from the ball of the foot to under the arch, helping to keep the shoe securely on the foot.
o Unlike typical backless shoes, which tend to slip off easily, Spring-o-lators stayed in place, making them both practical and stylish.
2. The Allure of Spring-o-lators:
o Designer Beth Levine brilliantly paired the bedroom mule with the Spring-o-lator sole.
o These shoes were perfect for daytime casual wear and glamorous evenings.
o A woman who wore Spring-o-lators wasn’t just wearing shoes; she was sending a message!
3. Historical Clarification:
o Contrary to popular belief, Beth Levine did not invent the Spring-o-lator elastic sole.
o The true inventor and patent holder was Maxwell Sacks, who also owned the trademark “Spring-o-lator.”
o Interestingly, Sacks’ original sketch designs were for a man’s slip-on shoe (similar to loafers).
4. Why the Elastic?
o The elastic band in the sole prevented the open back of the shoe from slipping off too easily.
o When walking, the shoe moved up and stayed closer to the heel, rather than staying flat on the ground.
5. Your New Silver Leather Spring-o-lators:
o Your vintage-inspired silver leather Spring-o-lator high heel mules are a nod to retro style.
o With that extra piece of leather and elastic, they’ll stay comfortably on your feet.
o Whether you’re dancing the night away or running errands, these shoes are both sexy and simple.
Enjoy your fabulous Spring-o-lators!