New White Leather Spring-o-lator High Heel Shoes Mule Shoe


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New White Leather Spring-o-lator High Heel Shoes Mule Shoe
NEW Classic White Leather Spring-o-Lators NEW Vintage Inspired, Genuine Leather, Retro Women Shoes, Swing Shoes, New 50s, 60s, 70s Style Shoes, Swing Dancing Shoes. For Those of You That Are Too Young to Know What a Spring-o-lator Shoe Is, Be Prepared to Be Amazed.
They are a Mule Style Shoe with an Extra Piece of Leather & Elastic that is Designed to Keep the Shoe on Your Foot, Without Scrunching Up Your Toes. These shoes are Made for a Regular or Narrow Foot and will Not work for a Wide Foot.
Spring-o-lator shoes are a fascinating piece of fashion history! Let me take you on a journey back to the 1950s and 1960s when these alluring and sexy shoes made their mark.
1. What Are Spring-o-lators?
o Spring-o-lators were a brand of mules designed with a unique feature: an elastic strip in the sole.
o This elastic band ran from the ball of the foot to under the arch, helping to keep the shoe securely on the foot.
o Unlike typical backless shoes, which tend to slip off easily, Spring-o-lators stayed in place, making them both practical and stylish.
2. The Allure of Spring-o-lators:
o Designer Beth Levine brilliantly paired the bedroom mule with the Spring-o-lator sole.
o These shoes were perfect for daytime casual wear and glamorous evenings.
o A woman who wore Spring-o-lators wasn’t just wearing shoes; she was sending a message!
3. Historical Clarification:
o Contrary to popular belief, Beth Levine did not invent the Spring-o-lator elastic sole.
o The true inventor and patent holder was Maxwell Sacks, who also owned the trademark “Spring-o-lator.”
o Interestingly, Sacks’ original sketch designs were for a man’s slip-on shoe (similar to loafers).
4. Why the Elastic?
o The elastic band in the sole prevented the open back of the shoe from slipping off too easily.
o When walking, the shoe moved up and stayed closer to the heel, rather than staying flat on the ground.
5. Your New White Leather Spring-o-lators:
o Your vintage-inspired White leather Spring-o-lator high heel mules are a nod to retro style.
o With that extra piece of leather and elastic, they’ll stay comfortably on your feet.
o Whether you’re dancing the night away or running errands, these shoes are both sexy and simple.
Enjoy your fabulous Spring-o-lators!